Breakfast Menu



Three pancakes, two sausages, one egg

Chef Choice

Ham and cheese omelet, and homemade potato patties


Spectacular pancakes

French Toast

Made with our home-made bread

Breakfast Sandwich

Egg, ham & cheese, potato patty on homemade bread


Plain omelet, cheese omelet, ham and cheese omelet, spinach and feta omelet

Side Orders

Sausages, bacon, potato patty


One Response to “Breakfast Menu”

  1. Ramon Alustiza May 5, 2011 at 1:48 pm #

    A treat and surprise to find such a gem in Bordentown of all places. Food definitely authentic and your hosts Elizabeth and Pedro could have been welcoming….into their home!

    My only issues is that they are over 3K miles from me in California….hopefully one day Elizabeth gets her food truck going and can make a culinary expedition cross-country letting America know there is a difference between Latin and Mexican cooking. I am looking forward to receiving “pastelles” via FedEx!!

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